About Tekashi69

Tekashi69 was sent to prison for beating up the owner of the store he worked at, and selling heroin outside of it. Because he was a low ranger, he was allegedly jailed for a few months. However, since his release, the rapper focused on his music and building his career.

His family was not financially stable. So, he started working as a bus boy to support his mother,he had other jobs at bodega his town, and even sold weed to make money on the street as a hustler.
His real name is Daniel Hernandez. Raised in Bushwick, born on May 18, 1996, Tekashi69’s age 21.A Mexican and Puerto Rican roots, is father was murdered when Tekashi69 was 13 years old. SixtyNine was expelled from school in the eighth grade and he forgot all about education.
Growing up, he loves rap music, and was encouraged by his friends to start rapping. same year, he collaborated with Bodega Bamz, who said, “My n***a is insane. He likes the combination of Danny Brown and Odd Future. Earlier 2017, the rapper had the opportunity to go on his first ever European tour.
Tekashi69 has over 200 tattoos of the number 69 inked crest on his body. To him, the number is a lifestyle. He represents #scum gang, which is an acronym for “society can’t understand me,” and he says that he lives to take a stand for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

In August 2017, Tekashi69 performed sexual acts with a minor, playing guilty.This act beclouded his sporadic shines among fans at his upcoming in the rap world, which lost him some close friends and collaborators,painting him an image of a sex offender. However, no further details were provided about the claims.Sixty Nine shared feud with ‘The Game’ of recent and he was invited for an interview at ‘Thisis50.com’,at the course of the interview session. 50Cent tag with Sixty Nine in response to the ongoing beef with the game,telling everyone coming at Tekashi69 to leave him alone.Pounding his style together with him on the interest of making movies and music,plans yet to be revealed in full details but with a theme awareness of ‘The Blast’.Though quite young in age,50Cent envisioned him to be talented for a good use with him,even in the upcoming scene of ‘Power’.
Currently, his songs like “Zeta Zero 0.5” “Go Crazy”, “Oweee” and Exodia’ continuously thrills his fans.The rapper’s impression of his music, makes headway and reachable on instagram which now has about 270k followers.

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