Beg For Mercy

Beg for Mercy is the center point debut label album,where the reality of G-unit crew came to be reckon with.The Gorilla-Unit.The intense lyrical punch line held on the debut album, reflect a die hard impression of 50Cent to nail his acquaintances and feud in the rap world with his team members.”Beg for Mercy “is an outright rage in contention,the entire G-Unit surged and emerge with power to optimum effect.The production of the collective tracks listing, were of a gangster approach warning of boomerang among hip hop industry at the time of composition.Rappers 50 Cent, Lloyd banks and Young Bulk, with support from Tony Yayo,a team member, was in prison at the time of the music recording and interval of the album launch.Therefore, his visibility was at minimal in “Beg for Mercy” album.A newest member The Game, was inducted into the group after recording sessions were already finished. The album was released in November 2003, 9 months after 50 Cent’s successful debut album “Get rich or Die Trying’.
50Cent commented on the promotion of G-unit, that it has been in progress before coming up with a record label,he emphasized.that”All the music selections he placed on the mixtape circuit was 50 Cent and G Unit. Proving a remarkable creativity in the area of consistency,Curtis shattered the G-Unit record piece in the tune of sensitivity knowing ,it will sometimes explode.
When“Beg for Mercy”debut album was done, unfortunately Tony Yayo was sentenced to jail on the count charges of gun possession and bail jumping,therefore his appearances on the entire record were only, on the tracks “Groupie Love”,this is one of the track singles in the ‘Beg for Mercy” album collection that talks about openness in celebration with friends and fan that enjoys the G-unit style,a chorus soothing taken by 50Cent in expression of thug love.Tony Yayo pulled a rap sensational effect on this one and “I Smell Pussy” a feud track with Jarule in particular, with the entire Murder Inc record label.Its a beef track, where 50Cent made it clear to Jarule that,he know Jarule is scared of him.
Meanwhile Tony Yayo”s image is seen on the brick wall of the album cover, as he could not be photographed due to the jail term sentence that led to his absence before the album compilation.
At the time of the album’s release, rapper The Game was just placed in G-Unit,He never was in any lyrical participation with the ongoing process of the “Beg for Mercy”album,though already signed.Therefore he is not photographed, nor does he make an appearance on the album. He does however came through making impression cameos in the videos for the singles “Wanna get to know you” & ‘Poppin them Thangs’ a track list in the album collection that talks about dealing with impostor on any block, if they don’t show respect at their presence. He is also mentioned in Poppin’ Them Thangs at the rap lines of Young Buck, “You ain’t no Crip like snoop / You ain’t no Blood like Game.”A lyric thickly held in sound composition by Buck himself. As a matter of fact,Young buck punch lines holds a hook, with his thick rugged voice.This uniqueness gave him a certain placement in the collection of the G-unit album ‘Beg for Mercy”.
In its 1st week of sales report, “Beg for Mercy”album sold 380,000 copies. It debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200, behind Tupac:Resurrection, & Jay-Z’s The Black Album. Its bow was moved up from November 18 to thwart piracy,due to its reactive effect in context as “Beg for Mercy”.Beg for Mercy then sold 330,000 copies in its 2nd week to peak at #2 on the Billboard 200, while moving another 195,000 units in its 3rd week.At April 2008, it made a remarkable market standard,sold over 2.9 million units in the U.S. While,5.8 million copies sold worldwide, and since then it been certified Double Platinum by the RIAA.

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