Bullet train fare has been released

Our prime minister promised that he will bring bullet train in India soon and first step is already in progress. Recently news came online about tentative ticket price between various stations for bullet train. This price is pronounced by the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) in Maharashtra.

The prototype of the train was launched during the inauguration of Magnetic Maharashtra conclave. As per reports the fares can subject to change under Maharashtra government.

The first bullet train will establish between Mumbai and Ahmedabad covering almost 508 km and 12 stations in between. The train will stop for 165 seconds at each station.

As per reports the train which will cover the distance between Thane to Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) in 10 minutes will cost Rs 250 from one end.

Same goes for train between Virar to BKC it would take 24 minutes to cover calculated distance and passengers the ticket will cost Rs 500. Similarly, From Boisar to BKC, the travel time will be 39 minutes and the fare will be Rs 750. The fares directly depend upon the time train takes to cover the distance.

The ticket price has been set accordingly to keep fair for everyone. Officials have proclaimed that ticket pricing is 1.5 times the basic AC fare. Though, it doesn’t seemed fare to HT as the costing is in some thousand crores and there will be both elevated as well as underground construction for bullet train project. According to him fares should be increase considering the budget that has been put in making of bullet train.

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