Chinese E-Commerce Giant Launches Blockchain Accelerator

SUMMARY : China business that’s e-commerce, a part associated with the Fortune world wide 500 headquartered in Beijing, was establishing AI Catapult Accelerator (AICA), an accelerator system made to unlock that the transformative prospective out of startups demonstrating cutting-edge talent in the blockchain space. JD considers technology that’s blockchain its integration inside mainstream usage due to the fact key to a new age of cost effectiveness furthermore customer satisfaction., one of China’s e-commerce platforms which are largest, is releasing an accelerator program to foster the growth of blockchain-focused startups.

In accordance with an announcement Tuesday, the program, starting in March and dubbed “AI Catapult,” aims to incubate blockchain that is young – assisting them scale their applications through integrations with’s different businesses in China, including e-commerce and logistics. said it’s currently opted at least four blockchain startups – from China, Australia, Singapore while the U.K. thus far – to start up the initiative. The organizations cover a range that is wide of from database to payment and identification platforms, JD says.

The initiative comes whilst the work that is latest from the e-commerce firm to adopt blockchain within its various operations.

As reported previously, in 2017, partnered with retail giant Walmart to pilot the utilization of blockchain technology to track meals safety within the supply chain december.

Recently, JD Logistic, the supply string supply of, joined up with a transportation blockchain alliance to operate towards the use of distributed ledgers within the logistics industry.

Meanwhile, JD Cloud, the platforms’ cloud solution that is computing, has quietly launched an online platform that provides tailor-made blockchain solutions, similar to competing blockchain-as-a-Service services and products unveiled by internet giants Tencent and Baidu.

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