Education in India could be better than today – Bill Gates


Bill Gates is not only known for his great business aptitude, but also for being one of the biggest philanthropists the world has ever know. He was the richest man in the world for nearly two decades until recently Jeff Bezos replaced him.

Recently Bill Gates was the guest editor of the TOI, where he spoke about his views on the Indian education, health and financial systems. Since he devotes a lot of his time, energy and money in India he was asked about his experience of working with the Indian government. He said that he has partnered with the Indian government to reach its goals by bringing in science and technology. He also said that education in India could be better than today and if it does not improve, it could limit the growth of India. On contrary to this, in the beginning of the conversation Gates said that he has always had good IIT and software engineers who have contributed to Microsoft in a positive way. On being asked about his willingness to contribute to the education sector, he said that there are already some India philanthropists who focus on the education sector, therefore he would concentrate on the health sector for now.

Along with this several other topics were discussed. On Swachh Bharat Programme, he said that “Well, building toilets are like opening a savings account, the real challenge is getting people to use it.” It’s correct to a great extent because it is important to educate the people about the benefits of the usage of toilets and not do their business in the open. It is also important to keep the toilet clean and not just make it. To use the toilets, it should always be in the usable condition.

He was also asked about his concern for the privacy breach via Adhaar, to which he said that Adhaar itself is not a big privacy intruder but the applications that it is linked with may become one. In his words, Adhaar is a 12-digit lie detector, which can help in identifying an individual. He said that policies have to be made for the applications linked with Adhaar which ensures the right information to the right group of people. Example – Health information should only be available to health segment until otherwise required. Of course, Adhaar would help the government to stop any kind of tax evasions or money laundering, but the information flow is something that has to be taken care of. Such problems are not currently occurring, but may definitely be problematic in future.

He was asked a little about his experience with the current American government of President Donald Trump. On his experience on working with the current President of America, he replied very diplomatically and said that he has worked with both the Republic and the democratic government and is always optimistic for a win-win situation.

There is a lot that we could learn from some words of the Bill Gates. Now it is upon us, that how we build upon this interview and shape a better India.

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