Getting answers to some questions related to health and food is not easy. And the different opinion of individual people makes these answers more difficult. If something is accurate in someone’s views, then the other person talks in contrary to him. Now, in many people’s view, carbohydrate can make you fat, and at the same time, it is very important according to some other. If someone treats any exercise right to lose weight, then the opinion of another person can be different. And one such question is whether the egg white is better or whole egg can be eaten.

It is often seen that many people eat an egg, but they leave the yellow part of it. These people believe that eating the yolk will increase their body weight. The egg comes in the top row in the list of nutritious snacks. But, which part of which is to be eaten and which is not, there is no exact opinion on this. The yellow part of the egg is said to be harmful to health due to high cholesterol content. And then the amount of fat in it is also very high.


It is true that white part of the egg is healthy, but the yolk of the egg is also not a less nutritious. You lose a lot of nutrition by eating only the egg white in the breakfast and leaving the yolk aside. The egg removes obesity, but eating the whole egg can never be significantly unhealthy.


Eggs have cholesterol and fats in the yolk. But, along with that, all the essential nutrients are also present in it. However, some people stay away from the yellow part of the egg. They feel that this part of fat and cholesterol can harm their health. But, they forget fact that this part is very beneficial for your health. And there is no relation between the consumption of eggs and heart disease and neither it was in the past.


Researchers did a study to prove their point. A group was given an additional 640 milligrams of cholesterol through eggs. It is to be noted that there is about 200 mg of cholesterol in every yoke. The results of the research were totally contrary to those old beliefs, which used to denote the yolk of the egg harmful to health.
It was revealed in the research that those who had consumed egg yolk, their level of good cholesterol i.e. HDL was much higher than those who did not consume cholesterol from egg yolk.


The International Journal of Obesity has said in one of his research that eating two eggs daily in breakfast helps in reducing weight. Everyone knows this and this research has also stamped it on. It was revealed in the research that the weight of those who consume eggs in breakfast was reduced by 65 percent, while the waist size decreased by 34 percent.  If you compare the white part of with the yolk, then the yolk will contain calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, thymine, vitamin B6, Folate (B9), vitamin B12 and Pantothenic acid (B5) and a variety protein and vitamins. In addition, unsaturated fat is found in the yellow part, which is good for heart patients. This is because the unsaturated fat controls blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Still in dilemma?

If you are still in the dilemma whether or not to eat yellow part of the egg, then keep these things in mind –

  1. The yellow part of the egg contains 13 essential nutrients, while there is nothing else except the protein in the white part.
  2. Cholesterol taken through diet is not as bad as you have been thinking.
  3. An egg is more effective than having equal calorie-rich carbohydrate breakfast.

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