My encounter with 22 Carat Gold Tea

Tea – a drink in our day to day life. Many of us cannot think about starting a day without a sip of hot refreshing tea. I am also one of them.

Earlier in my childhood, I was aware only of regular Indian masala tea, black tea, lemon tea (this I tasted first time in Munnar). Then I shifted to Dubai, UAE and I was introduced to ‘Sulemani‘ – a light black tea, where you do not add as much as tea powder as you add to normal tea. Sulemani has got its own ingredients and a recipe. With passing time, I came to know about camomile, jasmine, green and so many other varieties of tea and different ways to make it.

Today I am not going to discuss on varieties of tea, but I am going to tell you people about my experience of tasting 22 Carat Gold Tea. Yes, you all read it correctly – you can drink gold. I read this news and desperately wanted to taste it.

And here was my chance, after dinner my husband says let’s go to taste the tea… Mocca Art cafe is serving it in Downtown Dubai. This cafe is recently opened, has a quite ambience. The moment we entered the cafe, one smiling attendant approached us, made us sit comfortably and asked us what we would like to have. Without even a second, I replied Gold Tea. I couldn’t hide my excitement to taste it.


A tea was served in glass kettle, glass cup n saucer and yes, with a timer. The kettle was put on a stand and it is warmed with a tea light candle below. I was surprised to see that a  tea is served with a timer. I had never seen this before.

Timer for Tea

It is called as Perfect Tea Timer, which read 3 Minutes for Light tea, 4 minutes for Medium Tea and 5 minutes for Strong Tea. The lady immediately said that this tea needs to drink after 5 minutes. I impatiently waited for five minutes and then poured the tea into my cup. It had a soothing aroma and rich in taste. The colour of the tea was also golden as seen in the kettle above.

Additional tea leaves

We had been served with additional tea leaves if we wish to use it for some more tea. When I have been served with these leaves, I immediately tried to look for gold particles and bingooo, I found some tea leaves rolled in gold.

After having few sips we called for a menu of the cafe. We found some other different recipes which were looking tempting.  But alas, I just had my dinner so I pacified myself saying next time for sure to try some different variety of tea and one of those recipes.

P. S.  Before I conclude this blog I must share one link which my friend Laura posted on Facebook about 10 Golden Rules for Making the Perfect Cup of Tea.

For those who want to read more about this cafe where you can have your tea click on below link

Enjoy your tea!!

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