Everything you need to know about Tesla Truck and SportCar


Elon Musk showed Tesla’s new vehicles at the event in Los Angeles on Thursday. After Tesla truck, the crowd was then treated to blow exposing not only the world’s longest range electric car but along with it is also the fastest production car of any flavour. Spectators of potent customers as well as Tesla owners witnessed even stepping up, impressive performance and finest cornering. That is the new Tesla Roadster. It was a successful evening for Elon Musk after the showing of two vehicles.

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The launch of Tesla truck, which is a semi duty truck that could have the most bang on world’s roads. The truck is motorized by Model3 motor on all of its four drive wheels and also possess a drag coefficient lower than Bugatti Chiron and be able to drive about 800 kilometres on a single charge of its battery which is lithium ion battery.

Tesla was not able to verify the pack’s power or chemistry, however, say that it is like to one more product sold by Tesla, i.e. either of the two Power wall domestic or else Powerpack utility scale battery. It supposes that Semi Tesla truck weights usually same as current diesel trucks fully loaded with fuel.

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It will be competent of acquiring on 650 km following the charge in about 30 minutes, and that will be at the new generation of charging stations notorious as Megachargers, which Elon Musk will very quickly turn over out to semi drivers operating in all places in the world. These Megachargers will offer solar power generated from Tesla solar panels and would be selling it at the rate of 7 percent per kilowatt hour in the US. This is more than half the national average rate of 13.1 cents per kWh.

At a price, Semi Tesla truck will cost only 78 cents per kilometre that is about 1.26 per mile to function according to Musk. As per ATRI, i.e. American Transportation Research Institute, operating a diesel truck in 2016 worth an average of 99 cents per kilometre. This discrepancy states that Semi Tesla truck will accumulate truckers up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in spite of having an elevated purchase price in comparison to existing diesel trucks.

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Elon Musk did not spell out a retail cost for Semi tesla truck; however, an engineer in charge of Semi project Jerome Guillen supposes that Tesla by now has a lot of preorders. Tesla also eager to encourage drivers by offering them in a modish cab which contains a centrally locked seat along with 15-inch touchscreen on both sides. In fact the majority of Semi’s components are carryovers from Tesla counting exterior door handles are from the Model 3, however, like Model 3 it does not comprise driver facing internal cameras. The Roadster’s with 250000 dollars price is same as Tesla truck but only one quarter million dollar investment has the perspective to cut out emission as well as eradicating air pollution and also lessen accidents.

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