What is Wordrays.com?

Wordrays is the content sharing website. Wordrays is for one who loves writing and wants to share their thoughts with the world.Wordrays is the Youtube of the writer’s worlds.

Which type of content wordrays approve?

You can write all type of content on wordrays. news, entertainment, education, fashion, history, business, start-ups, technology, any kind of content which you think worth to share. write article on wordrays and share it with the world.

How to write an article on Wordrays?

To write an article on wordrays you just need to follow the following steps

1) Go to wordrays.com and signup.then update your profile details. 

2) Click on the Start Writing button.Then write a catchy title for the article, with maximum 100 characters.Then write an article with minimum 250 words. 

3) If there is need of adding images for the article add images in the article. Also, add the featured image to the article which will publish on the thumbnail.

4) Select the category for the article. if your article is news article select news category(While writing news article keep in mind that news should not be older than 48 hours).If your article is not news article select blog category and mentions the specific category in tags.

5) Before submitting, Check grammatical mistakes and then submit it for approval. we accept your article as soon as possible. If there is need to do some changes we’ll let you know.

What is the word limit for news article?

The minimum word limit for the news article to get approved is 250 words.

How can we earn money with wordrays?

You can earn money by writing an article on wordrays. write the article on wordrays and share it on all the social platform as much as you can on every 1000 views of your article you earn money

What is the minimum payout?

Minimum payout is 10 dollar for both news and blog articles. you’ll get paid once you reach 10 dollars. we will contact you for your payment details.

Which are the modes of payment?

We’ll pay you through the Paytm or Paypal. Once your article gets approved. We’ll contact you for payment details.

How much time it will take to get article approved?

It will take maximum up to 24 hours to get an article approved. but if your article didn’t get approved within 24 hours contact us at [email protected]