Government reverses the decision of changing passport color

Some days ago we have heard that Indian Ministry will soon be changing colour of passport to and deducting last page of passport, which carries some important informationThe last page will be left blank which hold address, spouse name, parent’s name. This decision was made in favour of some single mothers who wanted to keep privileged some information. New passports will be provided from month of June.  

ECR passport holders are those who have not passed their matriculation exams or are not income tax payers. As per records for number of Emigrants, most of them are recorded from Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. In order to avoid such bleeding, ECR status passport is issued. As per government those carrying ECR status will have orange passport. While those who fall in second category of tax paying and passed their appropriate matriculation will hold a Non-ECR.  

With this steps there can be a discrimination in people. People holding dark blue passport will carry with proudly while this would be unjust with people holding orange passport showing lack of education and income opportunities to many. Minister of Kerala and Rahul Gandhi hit back the decision of government stating orange passport would be violating to Fundamental Right of a person. A person fundamental right is being treated equally. With this decision of passport Educated and non-educated would be violated.  

Finally, Ministry of External Affairs received several individual and group renditions review these two decisions again.  Keeping many factors in mind now government has accepted to reverse the decision of orange jacket to ECR holders. Also the last page would also be issued with same information. 

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