This guy threatens to kidnap Sachin Tendulkar Daughter Sara.

Stalking of cricketers, actors and other celebrities was not enough. Stockers have now taken a step up by stocking people who are close to these celebrities. One such incidents came to light yesterday when a Purba Medinipur district’s Debkumar Maity was arrested for stocking and threatening to kidnap Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar’s 20-year-old daughter Sara.

Debkumar Maity lives in West Bengal and is told to be mentally unstable by his family and relatives. Maity told that he saw Sara in the stands while a match was going on and fell in love with her. He wanted to marry her and started stocking her. He even called Sachin’s landline number several times, to express his desire for Sara. The police are yet to find out the medium from which he received the landline number of the Tendulkar’s. He was caught by tracking the telephone tower he used for making calls at Sachin’s house.

A diary was also found at Maity’s place, where he proclaimed Sara as his wife, and how he could do anything to get her. Currently, with the help of the police, the situation is under control. Sara had lodged a complain against the stocker, and in no time he was arrested. Today he has a court visit at the Haldia court. There will be a proper hearing, and there will be a medical examination of Maity, to check whether is actually unstable or not. Maity had lost his father recently and has been torturing his parents for the last 8 years. After the hearing, he will be transferred to Mumbai if required.

With this incident, it is sure that the safety of people is in our hands. With such reactions of people, not only the celebrities, but their friends and family are also at risk. Such actions should be contained.

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