I don’t care about hit for flop; least interested in doing film like akshay Kumar – Shah Rukh Khan

Our Bollywood industry is full of colourful different stars. They have their own styles, their own way of working, which differs from one another. This is implied on our king khan too. A 52 year actor stated in one of his interview that he has a different method for accepting a flim.

He do not agree on choosing film as does our Bollywood khiladi – Akshay Kumar. Instead, as per him, the film chooses him. He was enquired if he would be promoting film like Akshay does in case of  Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. Shah rukh defended him by saying “Everyone has their own method of promoting movies.”

As per him, the picture no matter how beautiful message it carries, it should be entertaining so it tunes with audience chord. Sometimes movies turn into big hit while at other moment they are drastically fallen down, but its ok to deal with all movies. He recalls and tell us about Chak de India. Merely anyone believed that movie is going to be great hit. Some people even declared  that was the worst movie ever made. He was criticized for his looks and the casting girls in the movie. But king khan mentions that he had trusted his inner feeling and others. The result we all know, Chak De India was a great hit and touched many hearts. He also added it doesn’t means he won’t do movie of hockey again. Here we sell fantasies in business of cars or films.

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