India vs South Africa: M.S.Dhoni abuses Manish Pandey.

M.S. Dhoni is always known to keep his cool no matter how challenging the situation is. From world cup victories to serious losses, he is always seen in the same calm mood. But in the recent T20 match held between India and South Africa on Wednesday, Dhoni sounded a bit different from what he is known for, he was caught abusing his co player on stump mic. The incident happened in the second over when the Indian batsman was recorded saying “Oye bh****ke! Idhar dekh le. Udhar kya dekh rha he.” (Hey *curseword*. Look here, why are you staring over there.)

Actually in the 20th over, just after the first bowl Dhoni noticed Pandey looking somewhere else, while he wanted him to pay attention to the fielders, so he shouted at Pandey that got recorded at the stump mic and soon went viral on social media.

While both the players played pretty well and stitched a partnership of 98 runs, with Dhoni scoring his second T20I fifty at just 27 balls and Pandey scoring his career second best 79 not out, South Africa still managed to beat India by 6 wickets in just 18.4 overs.

Manish Pandey when asked in the post match press conference about playing last few overs with Dhoni responded “Mahi woke up. There was his chance. He is probably the best when he bats lower down the order. In the last couple of overs he looks to dominate and he has done that a number of times.”

Maybe with this statement he also wanted to show that there is nothing to make an issue about and it is common among co players to direct each other on and off ground. Such issues should be taken on a light note and not as an opportunity to mock them.

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