Interesting facts about Auto Expo India 2018: Are you Ready to Ride?

Auto Expo India is back once again and the craze for the new expo cars and bikes have reached a whole new level of excitement. For the Auto Expo dates, Noida is hosting the 14th Auto Expo India 2018 from 9th-14th February. The excitement level is that high because this car bazar launches once in every 2 years. So the automobile enthusiasts eagerly wait for this event and finally floods it up with their massive participation. This article will discuss everything that you should know about Auto Expo India 2018.

So let’s not waste any time and move directly to our main section. Here we go.

Interesting facts about Auto Expo India 2018

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Like every other Auto-Expo event, this bazar too have certain interesting facts that you should know. If you are an automobile enthusiast, then you should definitely know these important things about car expo 2k18.

1: Inauguration by CM Yogi Adityanath and Sachin Tendulkar

Like every other car expo (auto expo 2016, 2017, etc.), this auto expo is again going to have amazing Indian personalities under its umbrella. For 2018, CM Yogi Adityanath and Former Cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar will inaugurate this amazing event. Top level security arrangements have been done. However, the organizers have not yet released any official declaration about the news but yes, there are 90% chances of their arrival.

On 7th and 8th February, leading motor companies will be presenting their innovations before the media for the marketing purpose.

2: Online Ticketing facility also available

Auto Expo India 2018, Auto expo 2016, car bazar, car expo, expo auto

This year, BookMyShow will be providing online tickets to the participants. The ticket distribution has already started. You can simply log in to your bookmyshow account and book as many tickets as you want. The fare for the tickets is INR750 for the Business Class and INR350 for the common man.

Business class will be given entry from 10 a.m in the morning. Everyone else will be allowed after 1 p.m (noon) till 6 p.m in the evening.

3: Division into Zones

This year car expo, or we can say, Auto expo 2018 will have the entire car bazaar and vehicles divided into a no. of zones.  Normal vehicles will have a separate zone. Other zones include Innovation zone, Destination zone, Smart Mobility zone, and Competition zone. These zones are specially prepared for the audience to give them an adrenaline rush already.

Wrapping Up Auto Expo India 2018

Auto Expo 2018 is all set to storm you with its leading innovations and mind-boggling entries. 24 new cars (like duster car) will be launched as an expo cars in this event.Moreover, more than 100 cars will be unveiled. So hurry up, mark your calendars with the Auto expo dates and get ready to attend this amazing car expo.

We’ll continue to bring in more such updates. For this, leave your comments and share this article to inform your colleagues and family to company you to the event. Stay tuned. take care and Goodbye.


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