Irrfan Khan suffering with neuro endocrine tumour

He has been deemed as one of the finest actors our film industry has seen in recent past. Be it the unconventional travelling companion in Piku or the no nonsense office worker in Lunchbox, Irrfan Khan has always given his fans a reason to rush to the theaters. Being one of the few Indian actors who has also made his impact on cross border film industries, he is nothing less than an asset to Bollywood.
Irrfan Khan, who has always been appreciative of his fans and the love shown to him, shared with his fans last week on Twitter that he is suffering from a very rare disease. This singled out tweet sent shock waves among his admirers and within no time rumours and speculations doing the rounds.

On early morning of 16th March, Irrfan revealed that he is suffering from neuroendocrine tumour while quoting Margaret Mitchell that “Life is under no obligation to give us what we expect.” He also stated that the love and support of his family members and friends as given him a ray of hope. For the treatment this renowned actor will be travelling abroad.
An endocrine tumour is a rare type of rumour which develops in those parts of the human body which releases hormones. Lungs, small intestines, appendix, pancreas and rectum are few such body parts where there is a chance of the neuroendocrine tumour to grow. The word “neuro”, according to Irrfan Khan, is not related just to the brain.

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