A Pakistani man surviving by eating leaves from last 25 years

A man in Pakistan is as yet alive even in the wake of eating leaves as a food. No doubt, it may sound implausible however he is eating leaves for survival from most recent 25 years and never gets determined to have any kind of sickness.

Mehmood Butt is 50 years of age claims to be of Punjab province. He began eating leaf when he was only 25 years of age. His money related conditions influenced him to do as such and family was poor to the point that they can’t bear the cost of a fundamental supper for themselves.

He told that “my family was exceptionally poor there were days where we rested hungrily throughout the day. It was getting worse daily so I chose to eat leaves rather than begging on streets”.

“Eating wood as a food is added to my regular routine now” added by Butt.

After some years he managed to come out from his poverty situation started doing work. By the time Mehmood built up an interesting propensity for eating leaf he still ceaselessly observed to eat wood on an everyday schedule.

His everyday wage is Rs 600 exchanging things starting with one place then onto the next utilizing jackass truck. The peculiar certainty is that he has never fallen sick since he began devouring wood.

He even shared his most loved woods from various trees and told that wood from Banyan, Tali, and Suck Chain trees are most delicious wood he has craved yet.


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