Prime Minister Modi talks about Yogi Adityanath Saffron Cloths and Superstition

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates Yogi Adityanath for how he does not pay any attention to the long existing superstitions of any UP ministers not touching the Noida area. He talks about the fact that looking at the saffron clothes of Yogi Adityanath it is was rumoured that he cannot have a thinking which is good enough for the modern era and that he must be orthodox with the certain sense of being conservative and superstitious.

He speaks about the fact that chief ministers earlier have not visited this place, with the view to prolonging their tenure in a particular political position. He thinks that such people do not deserve to be the leaders of this democratic India. He is glad that Yogi Adityanath had put the interest of the people, before putting the interest on himself and worked towards the improvement of Noida. That is the sign of a true people’s person. Modi also praised Yogi Adityanath search of the perfect blend of traditions and modernity, which allows the state to reach new heights of success and prosperity. His priority is good governance and the betterment of the people. He also said that the saffron attired Yogi Adityanath reached those milestones and visited those places that Samajwadi party’s Akhilesh Yadav could not do even once in his five-year tenure. He also said that having faith in something is good, but having blind faith can be disruptive.

In his speech, Modi even remembered the former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was a visionary when it comes to the development of infrastructure in India. Yogi Adityanath also agreed that with the development and the start of the new metro line in Noida and Greater Noida will move towards the accomplishment of bigger goals.

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