Is protein powder safe or not? Myths about protein powder and everything you need to know.


The first thing that you need to know is what is protein powder. Protein powder is nothing but a protein supplement taken with various food items, milk or just water. It is used by people who either lack protein or by the ones who are trying to build muscles. It is also useful in the process of weight loss. There are three types of commonly consumed protein powders

  1. Whey Protein – It is most commonly used by people as it contains all nine amino acids which are required by a human dietary.
  2. Soy Protein – It is commonly consumed by vegans. It does not taste great as it does not get easily dissolved in water.
  3. Casein Protein – Casein protein is commonly used by people who want to loose weight. It helps people loose body fat and retains leaner muscles.

Protein powder is associated with several myths like having artificial protein supplements can cause you health troubles and make your body crave for proteins once you stop consuming it. Undoubtedly excessive of protein supplements can be harmful for your body because it starts saving proteins as fats and not muscles, it starts affecting your kidney as it strains it, it causes dehydration (that is why you are advised to have a good amount of water when you are having protein supplements), it causes bloating and sometimes makes you feel nausea as well.

Protein powder is often used by athletes as it helps in building muscles when they are working out. It is advised by coaches and doctors of the various sports team as well. Therefore, we can say that is not wrong if somebody chooses to take them. People also take protein supplements for weight loss. There are various companies like Herbal life, Cambridge, etc. that provide protein powders. They are a few of the leading sellers of protein supplements in the healthy lifestyle sector. It helps in fighting obesity which is one of the most common diseases that majority of the world’s population face. Myths related to such products is that you would gain more weight than ever once you stop consuming these protein supplements. People also say that a woman’s body faces problems in conceiving a baby if she consumes protein supplements. It is not completely true. Protein powder when consumed just acts as a nutritional element in your body, which helps in processing the carbohydrates in your body faster and increases the body metabolism. Of course, if you stop consuming it, and start eating junk again, you will end up gaining weight. However, it should be noted that it is not because you stopped taking the powder, but because you stop consuming protein and started eating more fats and calories.

There are several things associated with protein powders, but it is not a bad practice to take it. It should be consumed under the instructions of a certified trainer, nutritionist or a doctor. It helps in better growth of individuals and helps people in having a healthier lifestyle.

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