Rahul Gandhi Plane Pictures Going Viral and Here is What You Need to Know

If the President of the Congress party is travelling and helps the people around, the news is sure to be the talk of the town. While travelling from Delhi to Guwahati, Rahul Gandhi was seen behaving like a common man and helping out people with their luggage in the cabin luggage space. He was not at all behaving like a VVIP, which made the others happy and definitely helped the President of the Congress with a positive public image. He also got selfies clicked with the other co-passengers and displayed a down to earth nature to the public.

We guess in this also, he was just following the footsteps of his mother Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Earlier she was seen in pictures of her trip to Goa. She was cycling like a commoner in the streets of Goa and enjoying the lovely place.

The gesture of Rahul Gandhi surely bought some eyeballs on him and created a buzz on Twitter with people tweeting him about them. We sincerely hope that is how the President of the Congress party is, and it was not a publicity stunt.

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