Rihanna untold Story

We all know the famous star Rihana.Her glamour, money,fame but very few people knows about the scars she had in her early years.She wasn’t what we see her as today.She had been through a lot of suffering before touching success.
Like every other kind of woman,she could have kept living in pain or give up on life but Rihanna took a lot of courage and self believe to fight her way in becoming the diva she is.It was a battle that almost broke her entire health but she achieved victory.
Rihanna was born into a less privilege family,she suffered a lot at younger age,poverty,illness,pain, abuse were things left in offering by people in her community.As a low ranger,she sells clothe in a stall with her father since younger age.Rihanna was unfortunate in the area of family support.Her father was a drug addict,cocaine addiction severely affected her parent relationship,in return altered are health in bad conditions.Due to improper nutrition,Rihanna grew up with ill body,intense headache the doctor thought to be a brain tumour as it consistently persist.Fortunately enough through all this health challenge, she survived by Gods intervention.
At the age of fourteen,the state of her health began to improve at the time her parent got divorced.She lived with her mother for a condusive atmosphere,but she missed the activities she had with her father,a thing the separation of her parent deprived her of.While living with her mother,Rihannas initial intention was to study at the higher institution so as to obtain good grade but the tides surrounding her makes that effort unrealistic.Discrimination and offences of bulling counteract the plans of a successful education.Meanwhile the struggles encouraged her to face up to fight life’s challenges in her locality at younger age,as she emerge as an independent lady through all the brick roads,coming up strong and tough.
However,she decided to pursue a carrier in music since she loved singing at the age of 7.Singing was fun to her has she recognize how talented she is.Taking singing to the next level,she participated at a beauty pageant on a song title ‘Hero’,a music originally sung by Mariah Carey.Pushing on still with her musical carrier on a average small platform she met Evan Rogers a music producer,who was interested and impressed in Rihanna’s voice musical delivery offered her to record some tracks with him.Rihanna composed and recorded some formidable numbers of tracks with him and started growing as a rock star.She recorded her first demo song titled ‘Pon De Replay’ with Evan Roger,The track sprout impressing every listener.The scenario opens are voyage into a bigger platform with Def Jam,meeting with Jay Z the CEO of the Record Label who offered her a contract deal,where she made her Debut album after releasing her first song ‘Pon De Replay’in 2005.Plus ‘The music of the Sun’was launched in the same year.
The phase of Rihanna’s music experience transformed into a wild spread melody,and the society embraced and loved her style,as more effort of different musical concept came into play,even featuring and working with other famous known artist as her popularity grew.Making music with Jay Z as well himself…In ‘Umbrella’.
Rihanna is 27years of age and have sold more than 50million albums and singles winning,a lot of recognition over the world, She kept growing till date as many of her song made remarkable line with radio plays,Billboard listing,chart all across the globe.
Rihanna has eight American Music Award,Eight Grammy Award,23Billboard Music Award,2 Britt Award and the inaugural Icon Award at the American Music Award 2013.Dreams comes true,Rihanna believed she could surmount her short coming from parental backgroup up coming and college interwoven springing ghetto activities to stardom.
The rhythm goes on and on till date,Rihanna came true with a crackle relating her life experiences with the gift of music to reach.

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