Seven Unknown Facts about Alauddin Khilaji


During the earlier times, many rulers came and ruled their dynasty with utmost power and freedom. Some of them defined their cruelty metrics on people and torn the line of humanity to a far great extent.

Not every one of them was much powerful and had almost every power controls to rule their kingdom.  Among those rulers was Alauddin Khilaji who was the greatest powerful ruler of the Khilaji Dynasty. He ruled during the period of (1296 -1316) covering almost northern India at one time.

Now, let us go through some of the interesting Alauddin Khilaji facts which you surely didn’t know about.  Here is a list of amazing Khilaji facts which will blow up your mind in unbelievable ways.

Seven Unknown Facts about Alauddin Khilaji

Real Name

We have known this powerful ruler by the name of Alauddin Khilaji but not many of us knew that it was not his real name. Based on many types of research, Alauddin Khilaji’s real name was discovered to be Juna Khan. But, why he changed his name is still a mystery to everyone.

Evil Eyes

Alauddin Khilaji had his evil eyes on everyone but the most prominent one was on the land and the queen of Chittor, Padmavati. With his smartness and used tactics, he falsely befriended the king of Chittor King Rawal Ratan Singh who was also the husband of Padmavati.

Destroying of the Hindu temples

Khilaji was famous because of his cruelty and this had even more devastating effects on the Hindu Temples. He and his generals destroyed several of the Hindu Temples during their Military Campaign period and left everyone in vain.

Lust for Sexual Passion

On behalf of the Jayasi’s poem, Alauddin Khilaji’s lust was an unending desire. His lust was on the rise with each passing day. With such extreme lust for females, his harem had more than 70,000 males, children’s and females.Out of which 30,000 were the widows of men which he slaughtered in one day. 

Decision of Padmavati

Not able to suffer the cruelty of Alauddin Khilaji, Queen Padmavati along with other women decided to commit Jauhar. With this decision, they refused to be a slave of Khilaji’s harem. It is often said that the wails which came out from the Jauhar Kund haunted Khilaji for years. 

Malik kafur’s strategy

His lover, Malik Kafur tried to take control over Khilaji’s entire ruling and become the next ruler of the existing dynasty and order all the policies and rules. But, the official’s advisors interfered and said that Khilaji’s sons will take over the throne after their father.


The death of the powerful ruler of Khilaji Dynasty happened in 1316 AD because of Oedema. With his death, he left behind the most powerful Khilaji dynasty to his successor Qutb-and Mubarak Shah. In addition, his burial chamber was constructed in Qutub Complex, which is located in Delhi.

Hence, these were the top seven amazing facts about the Ruler Alauddin Khilaji who was known for his cruel and powerful ruling on the Entire Khilaji Dynasty.

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