Still fights on caste! Its 2018 and India is still fighting on caste and history.

In this modern era, it is startling to see that people still Fights on caste. One such incident happened on the first day of 2018, where because of clashes between villagers from Koregaon Bhima, Pabal and Shikarpur, vehicles were torched, buses, four wheelers and police vans were set on fire. The clash was over a British victory back on January 1, 1818, against the army of Peshwa Bajirao II. The British troop is said to have consisted of Dalit men.

The crisis started when in the morning, few men came with saffron flags in their visit the Koregaon area where the historic battle between Peshwa and British was won by the British army, consisting of Dalits. According to the police around Dalit had gathered around the Bhima Koregaon (about thirty kilometres northeast of Pune), to embrace the 200 years old victory of the Dalit army. Every year hundreds of Dalits have been visiting the Jayastambh, which is the victory memorial of that win, but there had never been any disputes or tensions in the past. The police said, this time because of several other disputes in the prevailing area, the situation became violent. Eight vehicles were set on fire, and people also started throwing stones at a few of them.

To condemn that incident Prakash Ambedkar announced the Maharashtra band on 3rd January.

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