Ten facts about Subhash Chandra Bose that you didn’t know.

Subash Chandra Bose, commonly known as “Netaji” by his followers was born on 23rd January 1897 and is considered to have died on paper on 18th August 1945. There has been much speculation about the death of Netaji. Famous for his escapes, some people still believe that Netaji staged is death and some believe that he was captured by Russians or has been living a life in exile. We guess nobody will ever know that what the truth really is. Not only did Netaji contribute towards the freedom of India, he also had a great and versatile personality.

On his birth anniversary, let us discover some lesser known facts about Netaji Subash Chandra Bose –

  1. Netaji was great in academics. He ranked fourth in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) exams in the year 1919. Later on, he resigned from a well-paying government job, to work towards the freedom of India.
  2. The British were always scared of him and never wanted to let him loose in front of the public. As a result of which, he was imprisoned more than 10 times between the year 1921 – 1941.
  3. He fell in love with a woman of Australian religion named Emilie when he went abroad to write a new book. He married her against all odds and even has a daughter who is an economist in Germany.
  4. He was the editor of a leading Newspaper named “Forward” and then even started a new newspaper called “Swaraj”
  5. Before independence, he has been elected the President of Indian National Congress two times.
  6. He was on a house arrest, and with his skills, he escaped to meet Adolf Hitler. He wanted the help of Hitler to make his army to fight against the British.
  7. He is the one who has given slogans like “Jai Hind” and quotes like “You give me blood, and I will give you freedom”
  8. Netaji well understood the family values even after his harsh nature. This can be said because he lived in a family of 13 siblings.
  9. He started the Azad Hind Fauj against the wishes of a father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi and was given the title of Father of the Indian National Army.
  10. People believe that if India would have followed the footsteps of Netaji, India would have got Independence in 1942 itself. The path was more violent, but it was quicker.

Amidst all the speculations related to Netaji, his death still remains the biggest speculation of all. Some believe that he died in a plane crash in Taiwan, while some believe that he was captured by the Russians. Some also believe that he lived a regular life in the name of Bhagwanji or Gumnami baba in UP. People assumed that it is Netaji as he looks much like him, and also has similar handwriting. However, to avoid any speculations people prefer it to remain anonymous. Bhagwanji is assumed to be dead in Faizabad in the year 1985.

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