Timeless Album:Get Rich or Die Trying

The rap world music industry was undeniably, spontaneously influenced when 50 Cent Curtis Jackson,came with exceptional peneteration of his first foremost success album in 2003,”Get Rich or Die trying” into the media world.More like a threat to feel expression was the features of the debut album.A unique fearless lyrical delivery that called attention to the rap music industry as a whole in the entertainment scene.Ever green the debut album  ” Get rich or Die trying” it seems.A timeless piece of work that held a tight grib into the soulful lyrical instinct of 50 Cents life struggle.
This album uncovers 50 Cent struggle to stardom.A heavy punch that gave the wall between Curtis Jackson and stardom a crack, and the embargo came crashing down.The album expresses 50 Cent long years of pain in deep sorrow,hate,betrayal and revenge.Like to him on the ”Get Rich or Die trying” success, seems like the only revenge through his suffering while attribute of love was in aminor. Curtis Jackson lyrical delivery on the track titled Many Men in the album collection,talks about the situations of the gang related issue that made him suffered the terrible dying pains from a gunshot,which of course,happens to be a true life experience show in practice,in it psychology effect 50 Cent stated that the occurrence left physically,mentally,emotional scar on him.An instinct of a macho bulker welled in this return. Amongst the hustlers hood of the organized gangs,trust was something down the drain for 50 Cent at this stage,in it effect it was all communicated in “Get Rich or Die trying”album stunt.
“In da club” a tracked titled in the album songs collection serenade every street corner,with impression of 50 cent attitude to the rap game,the nature of “In da club” track came like a birthday song with attribute of a music exercise in preparing for the offers, fame will present. 0Cent boasted of not going commercial,as he thought to be loved in the street,but the music clamped commerciality internationally.
The transparency of ‘Get Rich or Die Trying is real.The work out of the project was a remarkable knock off.A big break for Curtis James Jackson that turned a revolutionary imprint focus on the entire G-unit teams. Loyd Banks,Tony Yayo,Young Buck,still yet the debut album consequently influence the success of the G-unit rapper solo album release to a good ground.
Talking about “High All The Time”in the Get Rich or Die trying album collection,communicate 50 Cent energy as a go gether. Its a marijuana song that inspires smoking .The track titled lyrical content “High All The Time” gravitate towards an ambitious,ferocious pursuit that defines the album title “Get Rich or Die trying…”Got To Make It To Heaven express 50 Cent longings to break away from the shackles of pain and sorrow,fighting back limitation and embargo surrounding his way to stardom.On dealings and constructive measure,The whole tracks in the “Get Rich or Die Trying” album mounted to a revolutionary act of survival and position demanding in the Rap scene.
Curtis Jackson coming up with “Get Rich or Die Trying” was more comparable in poetical terms as a rose trying to grow from a concrete.”Patiently Waiting”,a track title with Eminem.Shady shared sympathy with 50 Cent through his struggle and He gave him the chance to run up the dream ladder once again,50 Cent ran with it.Giving credibility to Eminem as his favourite white boy on this account.”Pimp”amongst other track showed its lyrical feature with Snoop Doggy Dogg. A show manship association of a boss player,controller and a bonafide gangster in the “Get Rich or Die Trying” album collection,while 50 cent bragged of his own Magic Stick’’telling anyone that refers to slow process as a progress is never on his point.”If I cant” is another track in the album collection where 50 Cent demonstrated the energy to take the thrill to the top,knowing he can always come up with Hits..again and again.More to Curtis Jackson revolutionary album hits “Get Rich or Die Trying”,21 question’ beckons among lovers on a question note…asking If any lady could love him,if he was poor and dead broke,with more question referring to repulsive conditions that might test the strength of their relationship.’21 question’proved 50 cent as a certified hard hand with little or no emotional attachment to women.”21 question is just a bitter truth of a track.Other tracks like “Don’t push Me”,”Poor Lil Rich”,”Like My Style”,”Back Down”,Blood Hound feat.Young Buck,Heat,Whats Up Gangster where all timeless Hit singles in the album collection to show 50 Cent fortitude approach towards the reality of his dream,through the Timeless 16 bonus track Album:Get Rich or Die Trying.

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