Top 5 costliest alcoholic drink available in world

Everybody loves to drink but are you aware that some of these drinks cost more than your home. Surprised or shocked? Anyways here is the list of top 5 costliest alcoholic drinks that can cost you more than your house.

  1. Tequila Ley .925

Manufactured in Mexico this tequila costs $3.5 Million this drink is the most expensive tequila available in markets. Only 33 bottles were ever produced. The tequila contained in the bottle is the blend of 5 years old and 10 years old tequila. The tequila featuring 6500 diamonds and platinum mixed with gold.

  1. Henri-IV-Dudognon-Heritage cognac Grande champagne

Priced at $2 Million this bottle is covered in 24 carat yellow gold sterling platinum. This liquor has been produced since 1776 and has an alcohol content of 41%.

  1. DIVA vodka

This expensive vodka is ice filtered and it is priced at $1 Million each bottle of diva vodka contains removable glass tube column filled with 48 brilliant cut gems and crystals. The decoration can be customized according to buyer’s choice.

  1. The Macallan 64 year old in lalique cire perdue

It has unique taste that made this drink priced at $460,000. This is the most expensive bottle of whiskey in the world.

  1. DALMORE 62

Priced at $216,000 only 12 bottles of DALMORE ever produced which makes the price little bit more reasonable. If you are having thought of buying DALMORE then I suggest you to take back your action this drink can only be purchased in Singapore.


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