Top 5 Motivational Speakers in India


Our young generation of India is very confused they have a lot of questions in their mind all the time such as what I should do after 10th standard? , How to forget past?, what is the formula for success?, how to overcome depression?, how to fight with fear?, how to concentrate on studies? , what is the best career option? , How to choose the right path in life?  And many more such questions. It is very important that someone should be there who motivate such students. There is a lot of generation gap and the youngsters are not sharing their problem with their parents. So at that time our motivational speaker and their video lectures help these students to overcome from such difficult situations.

Here are the Top 5 Motivational Speakers in India

  • Paul Robinson:

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is the co- founder of the company called Positive Revolution who works on making motivational audio books. His suggestion and the way of thinking of the problem is just amazing. Because of his excellent skills he is awarded with the best speaker award of India.

  • Minocher Patel:

Minocher Patel

TO motivate youngster and cooperate sector he is running a training institute as well as conduct many training session. Minocher Patel is one of the popular speaker in India.

  • Shiv Khera:

Shiv Khera

Shiva khera motivates students and make them believe that with hard work and a dedication anybody can achieve anything in life. He is the simplest and a logically speaking speaker in India.

  • Ram charan:

Ram charan

He is the writer on many motivational books such as how to win over the game of work. His books are awarded with the bestseller award.

  • Sandeep Maheshwari:

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is the famous and most popular speaker. The way he explain the problem and the solution is just out of the box. He conducts many motivational sessions and even the videos of his session are very popular on you tube.


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