Train station at Jaipur will be operated under 40 Women only

From today onwards all the operations of Gandhinagar railways station at Jaipur will be handle by women only. There is will be staff of 40 women who would be working in their scheduled time to deliver the best services to passengers.

Soumya Mathur Divisional Railway Manager of Jaipur said that entire station will be under 40 women only be it ticket collector or station superintendent each and every work will be processed by women’s only.

Even many organizations lend help to facilitate the operations like RPF or Railway protection force directed to place 11 women’s at police station near railway station.

Gandhinagar railway station is second in the count the first one is Matunga railway station at Mumbai.

Women’s solely had took the responsibility of handling the stations and decided two work in two 8 hours shifts as Gandhinagar railway station is a major station in Jaipur because on a daily routine 25 trains stop there. Approx. 7000 passengers pass every day and it is on the main line between Delhi and Jaipur.

Station master Angel Stella said that “I am responsible for handling the incoming and outgoing trains by passing green or red flag. Be the passenger train or goods train the safety and security of these trains rely upon us”.

It seems that women’s are going to set some new benchmarks in 2018. This is the pure epitome that explains women’s are equal to men’s in each and every aspect. The change is here finally it seems that women’s are giving equal respect as men’s.


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