Upcoming WhatsApp updates in 2018

Whatsapp “delete for everyone” feature enrolled a totally new update according to that users can now send the delete message within 1 hour. Earlier the time limit was 7 minutes. This feature launched on all platforms at the same time in November 2017 which gathered so much attention because of his uniqueness. This update was posted by “WABetaInfo” a website that publishes WhatsApp features and info on regular basis.

Lets’ look at what “delete for everyone” feature does. If a sent message is deleted within an hour then it both receiver and sender will get notified with the string “This message has been deleted” this way it will also not show up in WhatsApp backup histories. As of now only its beta version 2.18.69 showed up in android. It will make his appearance soon on iOS and windows.

Soon it turned out to be a great success for WhatsApp and people liked it a lot. They only element people found missing was his time limit which was shorter as compared to other chat message application on play store.

It was a long time since the users had seen any new update. Apparently, WhatsApp was working on many features at the same time and one of the epitomes of their work is ‘forwarded feature’. According to this feature, spam message will get highlighted from normal messages. Messages which are shared multiple times over the application will be pinpointed and users can avoid acknowledges of wrong messages.Users have to wait a little longer for this impeccable feature to use in smartphones.


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