Uttar pradesh man Chewed off Snake head and still living

Uttar pradesh man Chewed off Snake head and still living

A horrific incident took place near Shuklapur balar village where a farmer had fallen unconscious. The reason might put you into deep thinking. The man chewed the head of snake that first bites him. The revenge puts man in serious condition in fact him being alive is miracle and even doctors are amazed.

The farmer goes by name Sonelal, who supposedly berated off and spit the snake’s hood after it bit him. Just after incident took place farmer was rushed to nearby hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Hardoi. But doctors were not able to find any marks of snake bite on farmers body as reported The Times of India.

The incident took place on Saturday evening. The state-run 108 ambulance service at Madhoganj community health Centre which makes his way to the designated location near Shuklapur balar village.

After few hours when farmer were out of risk he was questioned about the incident By ANI and he said “The snake bit me, so I held its head and chewed it off and It died”.

Well there were not so many people around when the incident took place but some eyewitnesses claimed that the snake was python and they saw Sonelal was biting him.

Doctor kumar is one of the doctors who treated Sonelal said he didn’t find any snake bit marks on Sonelela body but still seeing the farmer alive is the biggest miracle he has ever seen in his whole life. In most cases people die or biting area or part is cut off to avoid poison from spreading.

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