What to do when you have insomnia or sleeplessness?

Life is been so hectic these days’ people don’t get enough time to relax their body that results in headache or insomnia. Commotion and problems are the main cause behind sleeplessness. This is not uncommon as every other person is diagnosed with insomnia. In chase of earning more income people sacrifice their sleep that mis balances the biological function and cause sleeplessness or insomnia. Because of insomnia many people have developed a bad habit of sticking to social media chatting all night.

In order to attain the healthy lifestyle sleep should be one of the main priorities apart from earning huge bucks. Most of us aren’t aware of that our brain requires at least 7 hours of sleep during the day. In fact, our brain works on two modes that are sleep cycle and wake cycle. These two works in opposite one keep working while other waits for his chance to start regime.

There are some ways by which you can restart your biological system and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

One way is to get a professional treatment through doctors consult.

You can take hot shower that will help you to fall asleep soon you hit the bed. To make it more working one can add table salt in hot water and take footbath which helps you to relieve the pain cause during whole day work.

One can also use tulsi Oil, cedar wood oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and winter green oil. 1 or 2 drops of oil in water is enough to hydrate your skin and muscles.

The aroma of oil reacts directly to your brain to go into sleep mode that is very beneficial in case of sleeplessness.

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