Why are there very few role models around me?


Call it my sadness or a kind of frustration, seeing mendacious sapiens around me jeopardizing the basic instincts of living a peaceful life, that I begin writing another not so required rant. On many occasions, I ‘forcefully’ tried to steer a discussion with my peers regarding their take on “Passion” and “Action for Passion.” It is quite obvious that this frustration in me sprouted due to the dearth of enough role models around me.
On further taking the discussion I learned that people want to first ‘secure’ their future, earn and save money, or maybe reduce the burden from their parents’ shoulders. And like them, I also thought engineering would do all these things for me. Now whether or not, the degree of B.tech would suffice for all these aspirations is a different thought which I’d prefer to talk sometime later.
Here, what happened with me was, that I started thinking more than these aspirations, being a little selfish you can say. “Can I code forcefully for my financial stability or lay my hand at lathe machine, which I don’t want to, just for being stable at 24?” Eventually, as time passed, I became sure with a blunt “No”. I don’t want to be a decent, obedient child and say yes to a trap.
So, during one of these discussions, we discussed about Sushant Singh Rajput, who dropped in his third year of college, being AIR7 in All India Engineering Entrance Exam, and went on his journey to become an actor. I asked, “Why do we see very few people like him around us, who take their ‘calling’ and pursue that further?” My answer to this was, that we are coward. Another answer was that there are many like him, who failed too.
So here are three ‘failures’ who I follow, who took their calling in art and are now stalwarts in their domain.

1. Anurag Kashyap

Was studying zoology in his masters. Landed up in a Film Festival and took a one-way ticket to Bombay. Lived in chawls, slept near water tanks, and after 23 years in the industry, he is the Che Guevara of the Indie Cinema in India, the torch bearer of the much-needed change.

2. Varun Grover

The writer of Masaan and lyricist of Gangs of Wasseypur who gave ‘Womaniya’ to India. B.tech in Civil from IIT-BHU left his job and started writing comedy for Farhan Akhtar in his show Oye! its Friday. Then thought why not tell the jokes himself, and became a comedian. So, in short, he is Comedian/Writer/Lyricist and soon to be a Director too. Do keep in mind that he has no formal training in any of the work he does.

3. Auditya Venkatesh

His dad wanted him to become a Charted Accountant. But he became one of the best photographers of India. Now companies like Samsung deal with him for his photography pursuits.
And I realized the list doesn’t stop here. Anyone who is at the top is there because they chose to flow against the tides. It’s no clichéd motivational crap, but the reality.
Now coming back to where it all started; Why there are so fewer role models around me?
Because there are very fewer REBELS.

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