Women caught drying underwear in mid-air flight using AC vents

Every day we acknowledge such bizarre news that one can never imagine in their lifespan. Recently, in a flight to Moscow a women shamelessly dried her underpants in mid- air using AC vent of what appears to be a packed flight. This seemed very unappealing and unpleasant to passengers travelling along with her.

The clip has been shared on YouTube by Russia’s ‘The First Tula’ website which made it public. While, the footage was recorded on 14 February in Ural Airlines flight heading to Moscow after taking off from Antalya, Turkey.

The video has been recorded by unknown passenger sitting in back row. As it can be seen from the footage woman was continuing her shameless act and no one opposed her. They were just waiting for her to finish with such ridiculous act.

People who eye witnessed the whole situation tells that the woman was not even flinch while doing this and she continued it next 20 minutes until everything goes normal.

“People looked with surprise and bewilderment, but all were silent,” The First Tula quotes an anonymous eyewitness.

Just few days ago same incident happened when the place was forced to stop because some man didn’t stop farting in flight. The situation becomes worse when people start confronting the old man for his farting problem. According to reports two men’s even informed about this gassy situation to flight crew but no one take an action and soon after fight broke out that made flight to land right away.

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